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Erica Dresdow

Senior Trust Case Manager

Erica Dresdow is a Trust Case Manager at Capital First Trust Company.  In her role, she works closely with settlement planners, financial advisors and special needs attorneys to support trust plans designed to protect personal injury settlements.  She focuses her efforts on carefully addressing the public benefits, ongoing objectives and needs of each beneficiary.  This primarily includes educating clients and building a foundation for the trust goals and relationship.

With over 19 years of experience, she brings with her knowledge of the settlement and trust implementation process.  She understands litigation can be a long road for our clients and while the settlement comes with relief, having a trust and working with a trustee comes with more change.  She believes compassion, guidance and communication are the keys to building relationships so that clients know their trustee is a layer of their team and they have a voice when it comes to their own or their family member’s needs.

Erica is a graduate of The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  She has spoken to settlement planners about trust implementation and attends conferences on settlement planning, structured settlements and special needs trusts.  She is also a member of Society of Settlement Planners.

Erica lives in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her husband and twin sons, Jake and Max, who are elementary school age.  Their family stays active, typically filling up weekends with adventures to local parks, community events and getaways to recharge. Their favorite activity is camping. 

Our clients have unique and ever-changing needs that can be a lot to unpack.  A bright spot in her job is when she can “hear” the tension in someone’s shoulders relax throughout their conversation.  If she could bottle up the message she tries to convey to our clients it would be:  “Your settlement is behind you, the finish line is here, your trust team will be your guide on the other side.”


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