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Interested in Advisor Directed trust solutions at Capital First? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We can’t wait to hear from you. In the meantime, here are some of our most frequently asked questions from financial advisors.

Capital First Trust Company is an independent South Dakota charted trust company with a long standing commitment to customer service. We are not affiliated with any bank. Our only business is the trust business. We provide exceptional customer service to financial advisors and their clients. As each trust is a unique document, we customize the services we provide to fit the needs of the investment professional and the needs of their client.
The benefits of a corporate trustee are numerous. Capital First provides stable and objective administration of the trust in accordance with the terms of the document. Duties include making distributions to/for beneficiaries, filing tax returns for the trust, record keeping, providing quarterly statements, paying bills authorized by the trust, and answering client questions and concerns regarding the trust.
Capital First’s Advisor Directed Trust solution allows for you to focus on what you do best: managing your client’s assets and preserving the continuity of their investment plan. The open architecture structure of a Capital First Advisor Directed Trust adds value to your practice by increasing your current and future assets under management. Additionally, a trust is unique in that it provides a connection to your client and generations beyond.
Capital First has simplified the process as much as possible in order to reduce the impact on you and your office. We take an active role and do most of the transition work on the trust’s behalf until the account is fully set up and ready to be turned over to its dedicated Trust Officer. The major steps of the process are outlined below:

1. Capital First requires a copy of the Trust Document, asset statement, and a completed Trust Intake Form.

2. We prepare the Appointment document and circulate it for execution.

3. We set up the trust account and, if necessary, the custodial account.

4. Deposit Funds and turn on the data feed to your custodial account.

5. Turn the trust account over to its dedicated Trust Officer.
Yes, Capital First is here to support you as the investment manager. We are able to interface with a variety of custodians.
Generally, you would need to be registered in South Dakota and Wisconsin as well as the state in which your client is a resident. However, you should consult with your broker dealer home offices in regards to licensing requirements.
Yes. Please contact our office at 800-521-2359 to request our advisor directed language.

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