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If you’re interested in having a proactive and supportive member like Capital First as part of your team, don’t hesitate to contact us. In the meantime, here are some frequently asked questions you might find helpful.

Capital First Trust Company is an independent trust company. We are not affiliated with any bank. We have decades of experience serving as the corporate trustee for settlement trusts. We provide exceptional customer service to settlement planners and beneficiaries. As each trust is a unique document, we customize the services we provide to fit the needs of the settlement planner and beneficiary.
A corporate trustee provides professional, independent, and objective trust administration and management. The advantages of using an independent professional trustee are numerous. A corporate trustee assumes the legal responsibility for the proper administration of the trust. At Capital First, we have two decades of experience in the accounting, investment, and tax-related responsibilities of being a corporate trustee. No matter the size of the trust, we are able to expertly handle all areas of settlement trust administration.
Yes. Capital First offers both a traditional and Directed Trust arrangements. In a Directed Trust, the client directs the investment function to an investment advisor. If you do not wish to manage the assets in the trust, trust assets can be managed via Capital First’s Model Portfolio.
Yes. The advantage of allocating some portion of the settlement to a trust (in combination with an annuity) is that if the claimant has an unexpected need, money can be accessed from the trust while keeping the annuity payments in place. At Capital First we are here to support your settlement plan and the purchase of a SPIA, FIA, or Life Insurance policy when the fit is right.
In most cases, yes. The purchase of a home, whether in the name of the trust or not, will not cause loss of government benefits. Capital First will support you and your client through the home purchase process. The Trust Officer will work with your client to analyze needs, budgetary concerns, and ownership considerations.
In most cases, a trust can purchase a vehicle. Providing safe and reliable transportation plays a key role in supporting a beneficiary’s quality of life. We are aware of Social Security and Medicaid resource guidelines for the ownership of a vehicle. The Trust Officer assists in the process of shopping for and purchasing a vehicle by discussing what key features the vehicle needs to have, budgetary concerns, and ownership specifics.
Capital First is uniquely designed to support the settlement planner. We work as part of your team to manage the expectations of the planner and the client. Normally, we join you at the onset of each case. Our dedicated Trust Case Managers coordinate document review with a trust attorney and participate in consultation calls with the planner and clients. The Trust Case Manager will facilitate the onboarding call with the planner, client, and trust officer.

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